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$5,049.13 Given to help families in need.

We are a public 501c3 non-profit.  Donations will go to cancer research in hopes to finding a cure for Glioblastoma and other childhood cancers.  Families can also be nominated to receive financial assistance for everyday living expenses. A one-time scholarship will be awarded to a graduate from Crockett County High Schools graduating Class of 2020.

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100% of your generous donation goes towards the foundation and it's research partners.

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Be good. Do good.
— Wesley McCall

Meet Zoey

Zoey is 5 and lives in Memphis. She was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) in November 2017. Although she is currently in REMISSION (YAY) she is still finishing her 2.5 years of treatment at St. Jude.

Her grandmother, Susan or Ninny is raising her do to some terrible circumstances and doing the best she can. Susan lost her husband to cancer 3 years ago so she understands how precious life is.

Because of you guys she is our WARRIOR #1



Aiden is 13. He was diagnosed in 2014 with Medulloblastoma. He went thru numerous surgeries and over 30 radiation treatment, 7-28 day cycles of chemo to start.

He was in remission and 2 years later during a routine checkup was found to have relapsed. After Chemo again he relapsed for a 3rd time.

He is currently on an immunotherapy drug and fighting like a true “Warrior”. We are happy to help Aiden and his family as our Warrior #2.



Devon was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma at the age of 7 on Christmas Eve of 2013. Since then he has relapsed three times. He has been through many radiation treatments and rounds of chemo. Devon has also had transplants. He has been on hospice twice. He is the baby of 3 older brothers. He loves being with his family and video games. Devon is now 12 and still going thru treatment at St. Jude.