Wesley's Warriors
Be Good. Do Good




Wesley was more than a warrior.

The dictionary defines Perseverance as the steady persistence in a course of action especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, discouragement or as continuance in a state of grace to the end, leading to eternal salvation.  I define perseverance as Wesley McCall.  

Wesley persevered in a state of grace in spite of the difficulties he faced.  No matter how tough his road became, no matter the pain he was suffering, no matter the short time he had with us; Wesley persevered to make the most of it. His motto was: “Be Good, Do Good.” Let me tell you, he was good and he did good.  He was a light, in what sometimes is a dark world.   As his mother and father, and as Christians, we could not be prouder of our son. Through him many were lead to Christ and through him we learned how great we can be.

We are going to continue letting Wesley’s light shine and live by his motto of “Be Good, Do Good.”  Wesley’s Warriors is a Non-Profit Foundation started to give hope to families who have children struggling against cancer.  We will work with families to ensure they have the tools they need to persevere in spite of their difficulties in a state grace.  As Wesley would say, Be Good, Do Good and never, ever, ever, give up.



We are a public 501c3 non-profit.  Donations will go to cancer research in hopes to finding a cure for Glioblastoma and other childhood cancers.  Families can also be nominated to receive financial assistance for everyday living expenses. A one-time scholarship will be awarded to a graduate from Crockett County High Schools graduating Class of 2020.



Founders and Warriors


founder/wesley's mom

Angela Kemp

I am a mom of 3…boys to be exact…wife, Soldier, and Foundation President. Sounds so fancy. Between all the boys we stay pretty busy. We are a travel ball, camping, trip planning family. We stay on the go.  To hear the words “terminal” and “6-9 months”, we were crushed. Never did I think we would have to go thru such a horrible thing as losing him to Cancer.  I learned early on that Wes’ faith and strength in God would make me a stronger and better person.  I know I am where I am supposed to be building this foundation to help other and #dogood in his memory.




Gretchen Longeway

Gretchen has lived in Jackson, TN the majority of her life. She is a wife and mom of three wonderful children. Co- Owner of a business in town called Dart’s Carts. Their faith in Christ and love for each other is what keeps us going. Her faith journey was strengthened through meeting the “strongest three year old I had ever met, Wesley McCall, as he fought cancer. Through his lifetime I was amazed at how one crazy boy could radiate God’s love so much! I am honored to be friends with his family through the years and to be a part of the board on this foundation in honor of that brave, courageous, loving young man!’ 




Carmen Sanford

Carmen and her husband Billy have been friends of the family for years.  She is the mom to two very smart and sweet little girls and runs a successful home based business with Damsel In Defense. When Carmen was asked to help with the foundation, she could not refuse. “Wesley was like a nephew to me and sweet friend to the girls.  I lost my younger cousin to GBM 4 years to the day Wesley was diagnosed. It means a lot that Angela is wanting to help families in her time of grief.”